Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gift of Losing

I've been playing a lot of FB Scrabble lately.  I finally have an opponent that can beat me 50% of the time (or more)! You might think that is a bad thing but its not. It has made me a much more skillful player.  Its been an opportunity to exercise my lazy brain and I've discovered new words and strategies.  As much as we don't ever like to lose or fail at anything, it is a vital part of growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually if we treat it as a learning opportunity.  Next time you lose or fail at something give thanks for the opportunity to grow.


mo said...

Hi Sher, Your Blog is so pretty. I am your newest follower!

Good for you playing a game which will excercise your brain...we all need to do more of that instead of watching T.V. huh?


*jean* said...

absolutely! i don't think we offer enough losing to our kids these also offers you the chance to be humble and offer words of isn't always about us, is it..xo


Jillsy Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hi, and please do join us on our weekly blog hops!

I have played FB scrabble and have been challenged by much better players than I, but I do enjoy playing as well for the reasons you have mentioned!