Friday, February 25, 2011

Doodling as Art

There was a time when I doodled on everything! I had to train myself to STOP because I tended to doodle on whatever paper was in front of me.. My work meeting notes would be littered with doodles and it was embarrasing at times to have someone else look at them.  Recently I discovered that doodling is considered an 'art' and the repetitive patterns have names!  AND it is known as ZENTANGLE.  There are even certified Zentangle instructors!  Yea! I can doodle again..but now will limit it to sketch books or journaling.  These are my first entries into doodling as 'art'..I hope to get much better at it....I love it!!


*jean* said...

i know isn't that something? that someone marketed doodling? as therapy? love it! xo

haze said...

awww! this is sooo me! (except of course for the pictures...) i ♥ doodling! it makes me happy! :)

Jade said...

These are really amazing!!! I think the second one is my favorite. Great job!

I feel I am doodling-impaired, haha.

mo said...

Me Too!

Usually when I am bored sitting in a meeting.

My favorite doodle is a wave pattern. Like many cursive "c"'s over and over again in a train.

Doodling is fantastic! I personally think it is a gift given to creative people.

I use to be embarassed about it but now I really do not care who sees.

It's me.