Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Morning 'Loves'

I am enjoying a great cup of coffee (JACOBS Kronung) and beautiful Texas Spring weather this morning (low 70s). I  love when the morning breeze comes in thru the window as I begin work (wink wink).

 I also love listening to the early morning bird chatter.  Its such a joyful racket!  There are so many birds around here I wish I knew what kind they were and who makes which sound.
The only bird call I recognize is the Cardinal's because he comes to visit everyday and has some distinct sounds.  I call him Papa 'C' because a couple months ago he brought the 'Mrs'.  She hasn't been around in a while so I suspect she's been keeping a nest warm waiting for some Spring chickies to arrive!  

I love Spring!!  
Meet Papa 'C'

and Mama 'C'


Jillsy Girl said...

I know what you mean, when I open the door firs thing in the morning to let my pup out the chatter outside is so uplifting!

Jade said...

Lucky you! It's very cold here. Only in the 30s. I enjoyed reading about your morning...beautiful bird photos you've posted. :) They look very sweet.

*jean* said...

check it out, cornell university has a great bird identifier feature

xo jean