Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Very 1st Blog Award!!

I got this blog award from my blogger friend, Jade from Blush of Dawn.  I was thrilled to receive it because I’m quite new to blogging (since Dec. 2010) , I'm still learning my way around and because its my very first blog award!
Jade is a very gifted writer and I look forward to her posts because they always touch something in my spirit.  She has a gift for putting into words what we feel but may not be able to articulate.  I am honored that she sees something in me or my blog to give me this award. 
Thank You Jade!

Here are 5 things I will share about myself (conditions suggest up to 10 but I think 5 is enough):
  1. I work from home so most days I work in my pj's til about 10:00AM or so. A person can be so much more productive when they’re comfy.
  2. I am the eldest of 10 siblings…but have lived apart from them (like in another State) since I was 19 yrs old which makes that 40 years!
  3. I play FB Scrabble every day!  I used to win one third of the time but I have a formidable opponent that has made me a better player and now its about 50/50.
  4. I have way too many hobbies – reading, sewing, quilting, painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting,...and now photography and blogging.
  5. I have lived in 5 states – Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and Minnesota.  (and am back in Texas but if I were very very rich I would live in New York at least some of the time!)
I now bestow the Versatile Blogger Award to my following favorite bloggers.. “That’s not to say that if you didn’t receive this award you’re not amazing or that you have to accept the award either” and “you don’t have to post about a variety of subjects to be qualified..”  I'd love to tell you a little bit about each special blogger but that would make this too long so I've added one word to describe what I love about them.  I invite you to visit them. You will not be disappointed.

  1. *jean* at Bluebirds Living In The Meadow (artistic!)
  2. Jillsy at Jillsy Girl Studio (creative!)
  3. Mo from Rose Petals From Heaven (generous!)
  4. Haze from far is heaven? (passionate!)
  5. June from The Art of June (awesome!)
Here are some suggestions for accepting the award:
  1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift
  2. Share 5-10 things about yourself
  3. Bestow this honor to 5-10 newly discovered or followed bloggers – in no particular order – who are fantastic in some way.
  4. Put the award image on your sidebar


haze said...

aww! darling, thank you! i love that you see me as the passionate one :)

i already got this award, but i will surely mention it to my next post! love!♥

Jade said...

Aww :) Thanks so much for the kind words you've written here about me :) :) I've enjoyed reading these facts about you. We share a lot of the same hobbies !

*jean* said...

arggggh, me thinks you know someone who can play at yer scrabble game! (i wish blogger had pirate language like FB does)...thanks for the sweet mention here!! and i am so glad you lived in MN!!!

xo *jean*

mo said...

Oh my Sher!

I came to visit your blog today to see what you have been up to while I was away and...

I read the name of my blog in your post!

Congratulations on your Blog Award and you are simply an angel to list my blog!

I am filled with gratitude and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.