Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Happened??

On Sunday I planted Morning Glory seeds in little peat pods

By Thursday I had seedlings!!
and by Saturday morning they were dead!! What happened?
Too much or not enough water? Too much or not enough sun?
Time to start over!!


Jade said...

Dear Sher, I wonder how that happened! I don't know too much about gardening although I love the subject and hope to have my own garden someday. :)
Wishing you better luck with your next try!

JUNE said...

I think it was too much of sad...but you really have to water these things to make it work!
Nice to say hello...later, juner

haze said...

aw.... poor, poor little plants :'( since i don't plant plants, i do not know what to say.. hehe.. but i do pity them :'(