Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Rain nourishes the soil as well as the soul...
I've been in a creative dry spell for the last 5 months and coincidentally, we haven't had any significant rain in that time either.  The brown dry landscape mirrored what I was feeling internally.
It finally rained this past weekend - significantly!
I could almost see everything coming alive right before my eyes.

I too, feel like I am alive again..ready to create and see where it leads.
The first place is my blog...whether anyone else reads it or not..it is a way of staying true to myself creatively.
Feels good to be back..


Jade said...

Sher!! So good to see you back!!!! <3 Rain is inspiring and healing to me as well...
I've been having a creative dry spell too.
Anyway, welcome back :) :) :)

Victor S E Moubarak said...


God bless.

haze said...

Where have you gone, Sher? It's almost so inspiring to see you back! It's me, haze - from how far is heaven... still remember?

It's been raining so hard on our place right now, but it's okay and happy. :) hope you are happy too :) ♥