Sunday, October 16, 2011

Road Trip

I love road trips!
I had an especially enjoyable 3 hour road trip (and back) this past Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous,  the traffic was minimal and I had great tunes to listen to.  But what made it even more special was that I brought my 16 yr old niece back with me.
She will be living with me until she graduates in a couple years. I love living alone but I'm going to love having her with me even more!
I've got some fun road trips planned for her and I!


Jade said...

Awww glad you two had fun! I also love road trips, especially with great music.

mo said...

Your picture is perfect for your post. You are a generous Aunt to open your house to your niece.

You are an angel.



JUNE said...

This is a GREAT it! What fun, you and your niece..that will be different, but so special for you both I'm sure....just checking in after a long time away...glad I stopped by, thx, june