Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Possibilities!

Wow! Its been a whole year since my last post!  Where did the time go?  Well it went but a lot happened in that year.  I started 2013 in Houston, TX with all intentions of doing the 2013 Lifebook activities but I ended up quitting my job and moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico a lot sooner than late Spring and found little or no time to be creative.  However, I was extremely productive and I did it all by being FEARLESS which was my word for 2013.

I was able to change everything I was unhappy about in 2012 and ended up having a great year.  I now look forward to the new year 2014...its so full of possibilities - creatively, personally, and physically.. Hey! maybe that should be my new word - POSSIBILITIES!

I am now enrolled in the 2014 Lifebook and have every intention of developing my creative aspirations which I will post here from time to time.

(I hope to be more blogger active and so will work at updating and making changes to this blog).

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