Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 - Where did it go?

Here it is again...the end of another year. Where did it go? It went fast, there's where it went. It went so fast that I didn't ACHIEVE anything.. At least, not what I thought I wanted to. There were some highlights. Declan and I spent part of his Spring vacation in El Paso visiting Larry and Bill. I went to Minnesota after 15-16 yrs and saw my dearest and longest friends: Dee, Steph & Jean; visited with Michelle (Baudler) and Crystal and her beautiful family. Enjoyed see Mark in a play (The Beaux Strategem).  Dahlia G came to visit during Balloon Fiesta and we became the best of friends. I spend Labor Day in Midland with Marc and his family. Tabby came to visit before Thanksgiving. I saw my cousin Gilbert and his family. He and Benita will move back to AlBQ eventually. Beth and I saw WICKED at Pope exceeded our expectations. We lost some loved ones this year: Mike Gastelum, brother Terry, my dear friend Nydia, Cousin Ricky. I saw Fernando Ortega in concert at Calvary during Advent.

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